About Mayelin Then

Luxurious Academy was established by Mayelin Then, The Owner of Luxurious Beauty Studios. Mayelin always felt as that, although she has two beautiful and breathtaking businesses, that her purpose was not to just be a “business owner”. As a patient, nurturing, and intellectual woman, Mayelin has mastered several areas of the Beauty Industry, particularly the application of eyelash extensions. She began to gain experience in the trade rather quickly, and not only that, but began to learn the importance of business administration, as well as marketing. As she continued to hire new employees and meet new women along the way that were also interested in the beauty industry, she realized that her purpose could be further fulfilled by teaching. She believes that when women support each other, amazing things can happen. This fueled her desire to teach and train women, a desire that grew each and every day, pushing her to become a licensed school under the NYSED. Her goal was to create a warm and welcoming space for all different types of women to come learn a technique that is in very high demand, and she has diligently achieved that.

Luxurious Academy is not just a school. This is a place where women that are driven to become more than what they currently are, are received with open arms. Here we test several qualities, we push you to become more patient, to become more confident, and to become more successful. We provide you with, of course the physical tools needed to perform the service, but also the spirituality, and emotional support needed to strive to become the best, while loving every second of it. We hope that his academy opens many doors; for young women, for single mothers, and for mothers that want to work their own hours to be with their families. We are here to empower women, and to show them that anything is possible and that we have their backs.

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